Child Safe Scheme

Making Shopping Safer for Children – Weston’s Child Safe Scheme

Every parents worries about their child’s safety, but they can shop in Weston with extra reassurance thanks to the town’s Child Safe scheme.

The Child Safe scheme was introduced in Weston by the Town Centre Partnership, working alongside North Somerset Council, Avon & Somerset Police and the Sovereign Shopping Centre. The scheme helps to promote a safe environment in the town centre and provides simple tools which can help reunite a lost child with their parent or guardian.

A number of town centre businesses are signed up to be part of the scheme and their membership is recognised by a special sticker in their premise window. A child who finds themselves separated from their parent, can recognise the sticker and understand that they can get help from staff in the shop.

The stickers have a safety number on them, which enables people to quickly get in touch with CCTV if a child goes missing. Wristbands are available from the Sovereign Shopping Centre, McDonalds, Weston Museum and the MAVIS bus which are bright, waterproof and tough. They have space for a mobile phone number and children can wear them around their wrist, meaning if they become lost or separated from their parents, the contact details are easily available to reunite them.

Weston’s Town Centre/BID Manager, Steve Townsend said: “Becoming separated from your child is very traumatic and worrying, both for the parent and the child. This scheme provides a way to help reunite lost children with their parents, while providing a safe environment and protecting them from harm.

“We want to make people aware it is in operation in the town centre and we want to encourage as many businesses as possible to sign up.

“With the summer holidays approaching, this scheme could benefit the hundreds of families who come to Weston every year. Our goal is to make Weston a great location for shopping, offering all our visitors a safe and pleasant experience.”

For more information about Child Safe, please contact Steve Townsend on 01934 641174