What is Back the BID 2016 all about?

The award winning Weston BID has been in operation in the town for the past 4 years and it comes to an end in March next year. For the services currently being delivered by the BID to continue, there has to be a new ballot on a new five-year plan, devised and agreed by you through a ballot.

We are at the start of renewal the process, and over the next few weeks we will be asking you to give us your feedback on what the BID has done for you so far, and what more we can do in the coming 5 years of a new BID.

In the past 4 years the BID has delivered a range of projects and initiatives paid for by the businesses in Weston town centre.  These will end in March next year unless you vote for another BID.

What has the BID done for businesses in Weston?

Hanging basket displays in high st

The beautiful hanging baskets maintained by Weston BID

The current BID has invested more than £1m in the town centre over the term of the BID, strengthening the local economy.

Focusing on 4 main BID Projects

  • Marketing & Events
  • Street Management
  • Access
  • Business Support

Weston BID has been successful in each project area, both independently and working in partnership with others.  Highlights include:

Street Wardens – provide rapid response service for businesses seven days per week reducing retail crime and catching known criminals, daily street cleaning, maintain the floral displays, remove graffiti and assist with the management of the evening and night time economy.

Radio Link – the BID manages this vital service that provides business with intelligence, communication and back up to reduce their vulnerability to crime and assault on their business, staff and customers.

Purple Flag accreditation – This prestigious award was made to Weston BID for its work to make Weston a safe and enjoyable place to visit at night as it is during the day.


The spectacular Joseph Peace Fire Show at Princess Royal Square – May 2016.

Marketing and Events – Targeted advertising campaigns to promote Weston as a destination across the region and nationally, via posters and advertising. Large scale events like Weston Armed Services Day & Air Show that attracts 100,000’s of visitors to the town.

Reducing Business Costs – BID group cost reduction has saved businesses thousands of pounds per year on their energy, commercial waste and telecommunications costs.

These are just a few of the things the BID has provided over the past 4 years, all of which will cease as of March next year.  You can find out more of BID’s achievements by visiting the Achievements section.

Map of Proposed new Weston BID Area

Proposed new BID Area

What’s New?

For a renewed BID term we propose to make some changes to the BID.

Changing the BID Area – We are adjusting the BID area to include both Grove Park and Beach Lawns. These are key event spaces and hot spots for anti-social behaviour so the BID will be able to include them in their management regime.

Changes to voting eligibility – We have also been listening to current BID businesses, and we have decided only to include businesses with a rateable value of £7,500 and above. This means there will be a total of about 420 businesses in the new scheme.

What happens next?

Grunge Stempel rot FEEDBACKTo understand what you want the next BID to include, we need to hear from you.

We will be delivering a questionnaire over the next few weeks which will arrive in hard copy format.

Please complete the form and return it to us by 30th June. Please include as many ideas that you have to take Weston forward to 2022.

We will also be holding two consultation events in June and we would really like to see you there. We will be asking for your ideas for the next BID and we would like to show you what the BID has done so far.

The dates for your diary are Tuesday June 14th 2.30pm or Thursday 23rd June 6pm, both events at the Coral Suite, Grand Pier.

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