Renewal Ballot

Weston BID Third Term 2022-2027 (Newsletter Attachment)

Weston BID will come to the end of its current term on 31st March 2022.

Since 2012, Weston BID has delivered projects and services that businesses identified as priorities and has continued to do so throughout the pandemic, a challenging time for us all.

Under BID legislation, the BID can be renewed for a further five years from April 2022 – March 2027 subject to a new business plan being published and a ballot being held.

To start the process of consulting with our businesses, we invite you to take part in our early survey to find out what you feel about Weston BID, its achievements to date and what you think are the priorities for the future. We really want to help deliver the things that will be important to you as we recover from such a difficult year.

We will use the results to shape our business proposals coming back to all levy payers in the summer to check we have interpreted your feedback correctly.

So please let us know your priorities for our town, any possible projects or new ideas and where you feel your levy could be best targeted to generate the greatest value for the continued success of Weston for the next five years.

We understand how busy you are so the survey has been designed to take no longer than 10 minutes but there are opportunities for you to expand on comments and provide us with vital feedback.

We have had to adapt the way we would normally consult and so for now the focus is on doing so virtually but we hope to be able to talk to you in person before long whether face to face or over the phone.

To take part in the survey go


Weston Bid Third Term Timeline

March 2021 Early survey to gather initial views and feedback and to make sure we have correct contact information for you
May 2021 Wider consultation taking on board early feedback and sent to all 450 levy paying businesses
July to August 2021 Consultation results analysed and business plan written and designed for the third term of Weston BID
September 2021 Formal letter to North Somerset District Council to hold ballot
October 2021 Business plan available to all levy payers
October 2021 Notice of ballot published by 27th October 2021
November 2021 Ballot papers sent out by 10th November 2021 signifying start of 28-day postal ballot
December 2021 Close of ballot Thursday 9th December 2021 at 5pm with result notified on 10th December 2021
1st April 2022 If the vote is successful, the third term of Weston BID begins