Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BID?

A BID is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area.

How long does a BID run for?

BIDs operate for a term with a maximum length of five years before going up for renewal ballot.

When was Weston BID formed?

Weston BID was formed following a consultation process with the businesses, followed by a ballot in which businesses voted on the BID proposal. Businesses in Weston-super-Mare town centre were asked to vote in March 2012 on whether they would like to set up a Business Improvement District in Weston town centre. A successful ballot was secured.

For a BID to go ahead the ballot must be won on two counts:

  • A simple majority (over 50% ) of those voting must vote in favour (YES).
  • Those voting in favour must represents a majority of the total aggregated rateable value of all the eligible businesses that vote.

This ensures that the interests of large and small businesses are protected.

Weston BID (Business Improvement District Ltd) is a not-for-profit limited by guarantee organisation that started trading in April 2012.

BID 2 followed exactly the same process as above, with a revised business plan.  BID 2 commenced April 2017 to March 2022.

How many BIDs are there in Britain?

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have now been operating across the UK for over a decade.  There are over 200 now established around the country.

Who is in charge of the BID?

Weston Town Centre Partnership (TCP), is a company limited by Guarantee, that manages the implementation of Weston BID.  Weston BID is directed and overseen by a Board of Directors who are representatives of the businesses and organisations within the Weston BID area.   They give their time, experience, passion and expertise to the success of Weston BID for free. The Directors are local independent business owners, national business managers and representatives of the local authorities, who pay the BID levy themselves.

Where is the BID area?

Weston BID operates within a defined geographical area – the current BID area includes the following streets:

Alexandra Parade Gloucester Street Oxford Street Town Square
Alfred Street Grove Road Palmer Row Union Place
Almar Street High Street Palmer Street Union Street
Back Street Hopkins Street Post Office Road Victoria Square
Beach Road Kings Lane Prospect Place Wadham Street
Boulevard Knightstone Road Regent Street Walliscote Grove Road
Bristol Rd. Lower Locking Road Richmond Street Walliscote Road
Burlington Street Lower Church Road Royal Parade Waterloo Street
Cambridge Place Marine Parade Salisbury Terrace Wellington Place
Camden Place Meadow Street South Parade West Street
Carlton Street North Street St James Street York Street
Cross Street Orchard Place St Margaret’s Terrace
Dolphin Square Orchard Street Station Road
Francis Fox Road Oxford Place The Centre

Who is included in the BID?

In the current BID area we represent over 400 businesses & organisations in Weston-super-Mare town centre., who have a rateable value over £7,500.

How much is my BID levy?

A BID is funded through the BID levy, which is a small percentage of a businesses’ rateable value. Weston BID’s is 1.5% so as an example a business with a rateable value of £7,500 would pay £112.50 per year.

Who collects the money?

The BID levy is on business occupiers i.e. business ratepayers, rather than property owners. This is in line with the business rates system. The BID levy is collected by the local authority (North Somerset Council) into a ring-fenced account (called the BID Revenue Account) and passed to the Weston BID Company for use on the projects and services set out in the BID Business Plan.

Isn’t the BID levy just another tax?

No, the money does not go to the Central Government or North Somerset Council. Funds are ONLY for BID projects above and beyond those delivered by North Somerset Council and other public authorities such as Avon and Somerset Police.

I am under the BID Levy threshold can I still be part of the BID?

Yes – if you are a business under the threshold of £7,500 you can still pay a contribution to the BID.  For further details please contact us.