Consultation Results – we asked, you said…

As well as holding a series of consultation events in June, every eligible BID vote has been invited to complete a questionnaire to tell us what they want to see included in the new BID Business Plan 2017 – 2022, and 130 were returned.  The team also had many face-to-face meetings which have generated some excellent ideas which we hope to incorporate.


Street management must continue

Overwhelmingly, respondents have said they want to see the dedicated street warden scheme continue, with even more powers, and, extra wardens patrolling our streets for longer.  The clear message that keeps coming through to us is that Weston could be one of the safest and cleanest town centres in the South West, and this should be our overriding objective.  In addition, the floral displays are highly valued and should also continue and expand year on year.

One business owner told us “I have a rapid response security and cleaning team for the cost of just £1.20 a day.  I would be mad not to want this service to continue; they have saved me thousands of pounds and give my staff the security they need.”

Business support

Others have commented that they really benefit from the business cost reduction initiative and would like to see the portfolio of services offered expanded so that they can save money across the whole service spectrum.  Many businesses would also like to see discounted travel and parking for their employees, and further consultation will no doubt generate a larger benefit wish list.

BID area expansion

It was proposed that the BID area should expand to include the Beach Lawns, Tropicana and Grove Park however it is clear from your comments that expansion to include the Beach Lawns and Tropicana is not popular but we will be including the bottom sector of Grove Park so that the team can engage with rough sleepers and street drinkers.

Event-led destinational marketing not mission critical

A clear majority also stated that the event-led destinational marketing was not mission critical to the success of their businesses and that the BID levy income would be better spent on the expansion of the warden service.

What happens next?

The Weston BID Working Group will now cost up the projects and put together the draft BID Business Plan based on what you, the businesses, have told us you would like to see in the new plan for the next 5 years.  The draft plan will be showcased on Thursday 8th September, 7pm, at the Blakehay Theatre.

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