Street Warden Team










A friendly and welcoming team of Street Wardens patrol the town centre seven days a week all year round whatever the weather. Their role is to be the welcoming face of the town, helping people find what they’re looking for or just offering a helping hand and a friendly smile.

In addition they perform an important role helping to improve the safety and security of the town centre. They are highly visible, which helps reduce crime and the fear of crime. They are linked in with the Police, CCTV room and Radiolink scheme to help combat shoplifting and address issues which as street drinking and ASB.

They also work closely with North Somerset Council reporting problems in the town centre such as graffiti and fly tipping, helping to keep the area looking smart and welcoming.

The Street Warden team is here to:

  • Provide advice, directions and help to visitors – a walking tourist information service
  • Work with the Police and businesses to assist with anti social behaviour issues
  • Collect data on what issues are affecting business in the town centre
  • Assist with first aid issues
  • Assist with town centre events
  • Reassure visitors as a friendly, patrolling presence.
  • Deter petty crime and shoplifting through increased visibility of enforcement services
  • Expand and increase the effectiveness of the Radiolink radio scheme.

Making Weston-super-Mare a better experience to visit will encourage more return visitors and “ambassadors” for the town – and more trade for your business.

The Street Warden team is professionally trained and operated by Vanguard Surveillance & Security and set up in close co-operation with the police and all other major stakeholders in the town. All the Street Wardens have been selected for their fantastic knowledge and love of the town.

Contact the Street Wardens:

The best way to contact the BID Street Warden team is through the Radiolink radio scheme. The Street Wardens monitor this network and will respond directly to requests for help.

By using Radiolink we aim to build the numbers and effectiveness of this scheme as a way of deterring shoplifting and anti social behaviour.

However we realise that not businesses are on the Radiolink scheme, and therefore have a Street Warden mobile number which businesses can call during operational hours:

Security Team: 07725 839234
Clean Team: 07725 839237

For non urgent questions about the Street Warden team, please contact Steve Townsend on 01934 641174

For emergency issues:
The Street Wardens are not the Police and if you have an emergency please contact the relevant emergency service as normal